Some Guide on how to get EG Chest Fast

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Some Guide on how to get EG Chest Fast

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:54 pm

Many ways to get an EG Chests, I will explain some of them that I've known them for newbie's could get:

1* Make some Gems for pro players which they are lazy, most of them needs Lv9+ from NPC, or BD gems, or Azz. What actually you can type It!
- You can make Lv9 gem and earn 6-8 EG Chest per Lv9 gem done from NPC, BD gems maybe cost you 15 EG++, and Azz diffrent from each other price.

2* You can farm a Flash Bomb Lv1 or Lv5, Lv1 Is from prints, and the Lv5 Is from the Icy dragon, which I dunno how to explain It here.

- Flash Bomb Lv1 per stack you can sell It for x 4 EG Chest
- And Flash Bomb Lv5 per stack you can sell It for x 35-40 EG Chest

3* You can make a Blessed Potion, Which you need a cooking char & many Royals <<< Hard.

4* You can buy from players or exchange with them, 150-180m for 1 EG Chest. Also 7x Azreal chest is can be traded for 1 EG Chest!

5* Make some characters when Circle Of Death map Opens, If you was on map even with Zero (0) Point, you are able to get a chance of getting a 3x EG Chest!

6* Sacred War Map, When It open. Try let pros destroy the status. After that Pirates will won. You will be able to get 2x EG Chest after Victory Goddess appears into the map.

P/S: Victory Goddess will be appeared for 50 sec(s) after the Navy Status have been destroyed, VG is appear in different places, ask players or check TOP/PKO Maps for more information!

Hope this guide helped you!


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